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Red Raindrops (Rossmore)La Petite Fleur Blanche (Rossmore)The Core (Rossmore)Gran's Yellow Rose (Monaghan)La Grande Fleur Blanche (New York)The Fly (Rossmore)Nectar & Pollen (Rossmore)Buttercup on Grass (Monaghan)Petite Flower (Rossmore)A Star is Born (Rossmore)Ready for Take Off (Rossmore)Walking on the Sun II (Garden)Angela's Rose (Monaghan)The Weed (Rossmore)Just Another Flower (Rossmore)The "Weeds" (Rossmore)Little Pink (Rossmore)Sunlit Sunflower (Monaghan)Nettle & Sky (Rossmore)Leaving the Nest (Garden)

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