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And he flew off into the Sunset (Abbeyshrule)Tandem at Ronda I (Spain)Aer Lingus IOLAR (Abbeyshrule)Tandem at Ronda II (Spain)A Close Shave (Abbeyshrule)Head On (Abbeyshrule)Just Hanging Out (Abbeyshrule)The Blackbird (New York)The Low Pass (Abbeyshrule)Defense V DaFence (Abbeyshrule)Ready to Land (Abbeyshrule)The Abbey (Roscommon)Fast N High III (New York)Eurocopter EC 135 (Abbeyshrule)The Green Gate (Roscommon)High in the Clouds (Abbeyshrule)Pat's House (Roscommon)AH-1 Cobra (New York)F-8 Crusader (New York)Lough Ree High (Roscommon)

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