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Sun and Daughter (Rossmore)Ice and Fire (Donegal)The Moonlit Pine (Rossmore)The Mystic Tree (Rossmore)Calm Sunset on Castle Lake (Rossmore)Misty Sunset II (Rossmore)View from the Bench (Rossmore)Cathedral Sunset II (Monaghan)Calm Before Night (Muckno Park)X Marks the Spot (Donegal)Fiery Sunset (Rossmore)The Giant`s Panorama  (Rossmore)Donegal Sunset (Donegal)Sunset Silhouette (Rossmore)Blue Sunset (Rossmore)Swimming is so Last Year (Hollywood Lake)St Macartan's Sunset (Monaghan)The Emerald Forest (Rossmore)Blue Beach Sunset II (Donegal)A Play on Sunset (Muckno Park)

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