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Sun and Daughter (Rossmore)The Loner (Hollywood)Heron in Sunlight (Rossmore)Nectar Ahead (Rossmore)The Mirror Framed II (Rossmore)So Many  to Choose From (Rossmore)A Sunset at Hollywood II (Hollywood)The Mixing of the Leaves (Rossmore)Peekaboo (Garden)Cygnets at Sunset (Hollywood)The Weed at Sunset (Garden)Apple Blossom at Sunset (Hollywood)Sunset in Fog (Rossmore)A Pair of Great... Birds :) (Rossmore)A Sunset at Hollywood (Hollywood)The Bridge Bird (Rossmore)The Buttercup & the Fly (Rossmore)The Slug (Rossmore)Apple Blossom in Blue (Hollywood)We have Liftoff (Garden)

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